24. June - 26. August 2017

Steve Johnson
Curtains, 2013
mahogany, plywood, brass, enamel paint
39,4 × 35,4 × 2 inches
(100 × 90 × 5 cm)

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Steve Johnson - Curtains, 2013, mahogany, plywood, brass, enamel paint

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Opening weekend: June 24th and 25th, 2017, 11 am - 6 pm. Sunday, June 25th, 3 pm: "meet the artists".

In the show "real" works by nine artists are presented whose art, projects and working methods were shown in virtual exhibitions on the website of the DavisKlemmGallery while the new gallery was being built. Instead of purely virtual exhibitions only to be seen on a computer monitor or a smartphone their works can now "really" be seen in the new gallery's studio.

For years now discussions about the possibilities and limitations of the internet have been going on in the art community. The growing number of world wide web platforms that have to do with art, however, is proof on how important the internet has become for art. At the same time, however, exhibitions remain extremely important - whether in galleries, museums, art associations or at art fairs. Real places, where viewers stand in front of art, see and experience it directly , remain essential - simply because real life cannot be replaced by virtual worlds.