Katharina Gierlach
07. July - 21. September 2024

Katharina Gierlach
Nymphaea alba, 2024
Oil on canvas
55,1 × 70,9 inches
(140 × 180 cm)

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Katharina Gierlach - Nymphaea alba, 2024, Oil on canvas

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Katharina Gierlach

Please note: from July 28th to August 31st, the gallery is open by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange a visit of the exhibition. AUSFLUG 02 on Sunday, September 1 and Sunday, September 8, 3 - 6 p.m.: As part of the "culture days", Zündholz.Werkstätten, DavisKlemmGallery and Bacchus Speicher invite you to AUSFLUG 02. Three places as excursion destinations on one afternoon. The exhibition "Green Deal" by Katharina Gierlach can be seen at DavisKlemmGallery.

In 2019, the Green Deal was a vision for the future, but today that time seems almost like a distant memory. Since then, a pandemic, a war and an energy crisis have shaken our world and brought new challenges. The Green Deal, which is referred to in the title of this exhibition, aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, energy efficiency, the promotion of renewable energies and sustainability - hopeful and idealistic goals. Whether they are realistic is constantly being questioned.

How can Katharina Gierlach's works be categorized? Are they realistic or idealized? Gierlach is not a romantic; her art is deeply rooted in the reality of the natural world. But her painted nature is one that remains untouched by the imperfections of the real world. There are no carelessly discarded bottles in her water lily landscapes, and the water is not colored green by algae. This ideal representation of nature, which is a rarity in today's world, challenges the viewer: When and where do we encounter such pure nature? Do we create a space for it? And do we give it the attention it deserves? For all their beauty, Katharina Gierlach's flowers are not dainty ornaments, but strong fighters. They have fought their way through centuries of Darwinian selection and are ready to master new challenges. In their strength and calmness, they can be both inspiration and motivation to work for a Green Deal. There are always two sides to a deal. Katharina Gierlach's works remind us how richly we are gifted by nature if we keep to the agreement to protect it.