Günter Beier
02. October - 28. November 2020

Günter Beier
Schleierkraut, 2019
Oil on canvas
63 × 47,2 inches
(160 × 120 cm)

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Günter Beier - Schleierkraut, 2019, Oil on canvas

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Günter Beier

The exhibition is extended and will end on November 28th, 2020.

Günter Beier is known for his paintings of found objects that he discovers on a shopping tour through a supermarket or on a stroll through nature. He consciously selects trivial and familiar motifs. By ignoring the presentation on a shelf and the surroundings, he shifts the focus onto the properties of the objects themselves and thus onto painting as such.

In addition to his paintings of trivial objects we will present his "idylls" - a series of works that he has been working on since 2003. Inspired by catalogues for model train scenery, the artist confronts these staged realities.

Günter Beier, born 1959 in Wuppertal, studied art education and philosophy in Essen, before studying painting in Cologne at the Fachhochschule with Prof. Dieter Kraemer. Beiers works can be seen this summer/autumn in the exhibtion "SweetNothingSweet" at the Kunstverein KISS.