Albrecht Wild
Utamaro I (Amy), 2019
oil, acrylic, spray paint, Hammerite silver paint, rich pale gold and collage on nettle
63,8 × 63,8 inches
(162 × 162 cm)

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Albrecht Wild

Albrecht Wild is a conceptual artist and painter. He studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, where he was in Thomas Bayrle's master class.

An important series of works is his group of beermats (or coasters). Intended for protecting tables against moisture, coasters have the side-effect of being an advertising surface for beverage companies, pubs, restaurants, etc.. Albrecht Wild deprives them of their original purpose by cutting them and putting them back together again to make something new. He regards them as his pigments with which he creates his artwork. What was once practical and with a bit of advertising, loses its purpose and becomes abstract art.

For his paintings he creates shaped canvases. Both groups of artwork (beermats and paintings) influence each other, but at the same time differ from one another. Unlike the beermats, his paintings are free of advertising messages and have much more of a meditative character, in which the shape of the canvas influences the flow of his painting.

His series of "ukiyo-e" beermats, inspired by several trips to Japan, are the central theme of the virtual exhibition in May 2016 on this website.

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