Bean Finneran
Red dome with black tips, 2018
low fire clay, acrylic stain, glaze
Diameter approx. 115 cm, height 68 cm
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Bean Finneran

Bean finneran's sculptures are minimalistic and abstract - and at the same time they remind viewers of flora and fauna: coral reefs, grassy plants, haystacks or sea anenomes - to name a few of the associations made. Although the artist does not have the objective to copy nature, her artwork nonetheless has almost natural qualities, as in the way the sculpures "grow" when being installed.

Her sculptures are made up of thousands of individually handmade and painted pieces of clay, that she refers to as "curves". Each curve is one-of-a-kind and each sculpture is unique and can never be put together in the exact same way twice. Just like nature, her sculptures are in constant fluctuation.

Public collections: Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA; Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO; Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA; Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA; San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA; John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI; Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris; Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museums, San Francisco, CA

Bean Finneran: Ellipse
In this video Bean Finneran talks about her work and about her exhibition at the art association "Bellevue Saal" in Wiesbaden, Germany. In addition, the installation of her "Red Ellipse" can be viewed. The exhibition at "Bellevue Saal" can be seen till November 5th, 2023.
Dauer: 9:11

Project #7: Bean Finneran and Katharina Gierlach
Katharina Gierlach and Bean Finneran are not alike in many ways: Bean Finneran was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1947. In addition to visual art, she is also involved in theatre. Her installations are non-representational and consist of thousands of individual parts. Katharina Gierlach, on the other hand, was born in Würzburg in 1983 and since studying painting has been primarily concerned with representational oil painting. What the two artists have in common, however, is the colourful energy that their works radiate: bright colours and expansive objects fill an entire room with little mass.
Dauer: 0:57

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Kerstin Skrobanek: Bean Finneran

Publisher: DavisKlemmGallery, Wiesbaden, 2018
Editor: DavisKlemmGallery, Wiesbaden
Softcover und Online,
4 pages, 29,7 x 21,2


born Cleveland, Ohio

1966 - 1967
Goucher College, Baltimore, MD

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mi

1968 - 1970
ZONE Theater Company, performer Boston, MA

Museum School, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, MA

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Ellipse, Kunstverein Bellevue-Saal, Wiesbaden.

Projekt #7: Bean Finneran / Katharina Gierlach, DavisKlemmGallery Projektraum, Hochheim am Main.

one artist show, Art Karlsruhe, DavisKlemmGallery, Karlsruhe.
Zwischenspiel (Ausstellung mit Andrea Zaumseil), Kunstverein Reutlingen, Reutlingen.

Bit by bit, Radius Gallery, Santa Cruz,CA.
Skulpturenplatz Art Karlsruhe, DavisKlemmGallery, Karlsruhe.
sculpture, DavisKlemmGallery, Wiesbaden.

Orbits, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland. Oregon.
ARTour2011, Musee Royal de Mariemont, Morlanwelz.
Incidence and pattern, PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, Oregon.

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