Konrad Winter
Fahrräder, 2015
car lacquer on aluminum
35,4 × 49,2 inches
(90 × 125 cm)

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Konrad Winter

Upcoming exhibition

Katharina Gierlach und Konrad Winter: Zweimal Malerei: 18. June - 31. July 2021

Konrad Winter refers to his work as "camouflaged painting". His paintings are disguised in two ways: first, by changing the outlines of the images he paints, the landscapes and scenes turn into a camouflage pattern. Depending on the distance from the painting, it oscillates between abstract (when viewed up close) and representational . And second, by appearing not to be manually painted. Their technical appearance, with industrial paint used in the automobile industry on aluminium, disguises the classical method of painting.

Exhibitions at DavisKlemmGallery: 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015 and, most recently, the virtual exhibtion "public", which focuses on artwork he has created for public spaces, in June-July 2016 (see past exhibitions).

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