Project #1: Albrecht Wild
01. July - 31. August 2021

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Blick in die Ausstellung

Blick in die Ausstellung


Project #1: Albrecht Wild

DavisKlemmGallery Projektraum, Kirchstraße 4, 65239 Hochheim am Main
Project #1: Albrecht Wild

Are those coasters? Yes, Albrecht Wild has been working with this unusual material for decades, which has found its way into his art as object trouvé (found object). It has many advantages: It is internationally known and commonly used everyday object. There are many variations (the image motifs range from pin-ups to Japanese landscape images, the design from traditional to avant-garde, the fonts from opulent Gothic font to minimalist fonts from the 1960s.). Its material and shape are easy to work with. These details and the mysterious shapes can be seen up close, and from a distance they create a carpet of ornaments.

Albrecht Wild is a painter and concept artist. Born in 1959 in Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, he studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main as a master student with Thomas Bayrle and in London at the Slade School of Fine Art with Bruce McLean. He lives and works in Frankfurt.

For each collage, Albrecht Wild uses three identical beer mats, which he divides with four precise cuts and reassembles into new shapes. This creates a new perspective on the known material. Interesting imprints and basic shapes result in unusual objects whose original motifs are difficult to decipher.

The 'object trouvé' has been in art since the beginning of the 20th century, and the name Marcel Duchamp is inevitably associated with it. His approach was to reinterpret a found object as art in order to create a new perspective. But there are also influences of the 'shaped canvas' in Albrecht Wild's work.

Albrecht Wild describes the project space as an "aquarium". Not only does the viewer look inside through the glass from the outside, but there are also “fish” swimming around in it. These “fish” are actually numerous individual works, in a wide variety of shapes and colors, so that no two are completely alike. These individual works of art were always created according to the same concept: three beer coasters, four cuts at most. This results in a pattern, a wallpaper, a kind of tapestry or an aquarium, in which the view and the visitor can immerse themselves in order to discover different forms of beer mat art.

The 20 m² room, in which pens and exercise books were previously sold, is now available to artists from the DavisKlemmGallery as a project space. Instead of regular but limited opening times, the room can be viewed around the clock: the entire room and thus the project can be viewed at all times thanks to the large window front. Changing projects, installations, works of art and artists can be discovered here. The current presentation will be on view until August 31, 2021