3. - 05. October 2008

Werner Berges, Konrad Winter

In Cologne we present works by artists Werner Berges, Julian Opie, Janos Schaab, Sheri Warshauer and Konrad Winter.

KIAF Korea International Art Fair

17. - 22. September 2008

Konrad Winter, Peter Anton, Werner Berges, Camill Leberer, Guangyun Liu, Werner Pokorny

We present several of our artists at the art fair in Seoul, including Peter Anton, Werner Berges, Christo, Wolfgang Volz, Sheri Warshauer and Konrad Winter.

Art Bodensee, Dornbirn, Austria

31. July - 03. August 2008

Peter Anton, Günter Beier, Werner Berges, Uta Weber, Konrad Winter, Uta Belina Waeger, Guangyun Liu, Birgit Luxenburger

In 2008 we participate with our artists at the summer art fair at Lake Constance.