art.fair 21

29. October - 01. November 2010

Günter Beier, Steve Johnson, Julian Opie, Konrad Winter, Mel Ramos, Camill Leberer, Guangyun Liu

At our booth C 21 in cooperation with Galerie Erhard Witzel (Wiesbaden) we present among others works by Günter Beier, Werner Berges, Dirk Brömmel, Liu Guangyun, Steve Johnson, Camill Leberer, Julian Opie and Konrad Winter. In addition, we present at our booth B 16 prints by Mel Ramos on the occasion of his 75th birthday this year.

Korea International Art Fair,

9. - 13. September 2010

Günter Beier, Julian Opie, Konrad Winter, Camill Leberer, Werner Pokorny, Thitz, Dirk Brömmel

For the sixth time we take part in this fair. We present works by Gunter Beier, Julian Opie, Sheri Warshauer and Konrad winter.

Art Bodensee - Dornbirn, Austria

23. - 25. July 2010

Günter Beier, Barbara Storck-Brundrett, Konrad Winter, Katharina Gierlach, Charlotte Trossbach, Uta Belina Waeger, Camill Leberer

"As always" we participate with our program at the Art Bodensee in Dornbirn, Austria. From 23 to 25 July is celebrated the 10-year anniversary of a unique summer art fair in Dornbirn with numerous innovations. The "Art Bodensee" gathered annually renowned galleries in the "Club 50" - for more than fifty galleries are not occupied by the International Advisory Board approved.

Art Karlsruhe 2010

4. - 07. March 2010

Peter Anton, Günter Beier, Christian Piffrader, Barbara Storck-Brundrett, Uta Weber, Charlotte Trossbach, Camill Leberer, Ilse Haider

For the second time we present at Art Karlsruhe our artists: Sheri Warshauer (one artist show), Peter Anton, Günter Beier, Christian Piffrader, Janos Schaab, Barbara Storck Brundrett, Thomas Stimm, Charlotte Trossbach and Uta Weber.

27. Art & Antique,

28. - 31. January 2010

Peter Anton, Günter Beier, Camill Leberer, Guangyun Liu, Werner Pokorny

Over 60 exhibitors from home and abroad offer art and antiques from all major periods, from antiquity to the present. For the first time there will be a Carré for contemporary art at this fair. We show works by Peter Anton, Günter Beier, Mel Ramos, Janos Schaab, Thomas Stimm.