Werner Berges: Sculptures on the golf course Mainz


Our artist Werner Berges has created two sculptures for the new golf course in Mainz. "A lot of people" (the title of his sculptures) are now the artistic accompaniment of golfers at the new course. One sculpture stands in front of the entrance, another sculpture at the tee of the first hole of the Orgentec golf course. Three meters in height, the sculpture is a real eye-catcher. We are pleased that we could give them permanent public presentation.


Konrad Winter QuadrART in Dornbirn


QuadART Dornbirn is showing from April 29th thru June 24th, 2010 an exhibition titled "Camouflaged beach", in which works by Konrad Winter and Gerhard Mantz  are presented. Both artists have in comon the use of new media - even though this is not visible at first glance. The exhibition is curated by Erika Davis-Klemm. 


6-meter-high flower by Thomas Stimm


A new six-meter-high flower by Thomas Stimm blooms in the village of Mistelbach in Austria. The panel for art in public spaces of Lower Austria had invited Thomas Stimm to create a sculpure for the new open space in Mistelbach.


Peter Anton and Günter Beier "On everyone's lips"


Works by our artists Peter Anton and Günter Beier are being shown at Museum Villa Rot  in an exhibition curated by Dr. Stefanie Dathe "On everyone's lips - sweets in art". Duration: 21.03. - 20.06.2010. MUSEUM VILLA ROT, Schlossweg 2, 88483 Burgrieden - Rot, www.villa-rot.de. An exhibition catalog is available.


DavisKlemmGallery at Art Karlsruhe 2010


The DavisKlemmGallery shows a cross section of its artistic program at Art Karlsruhe. In a one-artist-show, works by Sheri Warshauer will be presented. In addition, we will show works by Peter Anton, Günter Beier, Werner Berges, Christian Piffrader, Janos Schaab, Thomas Voice, Barbara Storck-Brundrett, Charlotte Trossbach and Uta Weber.